Tuesday, September 6, 2016

6 Practical Ways to Choose a Qualified Articles Authors Blog

Finding and choosing author of the article (also called a content writer) quality is not easy. Not enough to qualify Copyscape / duplicate content, but the resulting article should also be easy to read, providing useful information and would be great if SEO Friendly.

Article writing services are now widely scattered on the internet, whether using forums as a promotional media or use their own websites.

You have to be smart to sort out because of my experience, many article writers who occasionally wrote articles impromptu makeshift and messy, not according to what is offered.

To help you choose the right services, the following I provide a practical guide how to choose services 6 article writer who actually qualified for your blogs.

# 1. Note How Writing Salesletter
Salesletter what I mean here is a series of words used by the article writing services offer his services. Salesletter typically include article writing services offered price per article (and the number of words), what would be obtained prospective buyers, and how to place an order.

If salesletternya messy, punctuation wrong here and there, the use of upper / lower case is not in place, then you should doubt these services.

Logically, if the write salesletter neat course they can not, how prospective buyers can be sure of quality articles that will be generated?

# 2. Checks What Offered in Salesletter
3 most frequently offered the author of the article is:

Article unique (no duplicate content)
Articles easy to read, easy to understand (human-friendly)
Articles SEO Friendly & support LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)
And indeed, I think the above three criteria must be present in the article, especially if the article is intended for SEO purposes.

# 3. Uniqueness Checks Articles
How to check the uniqueness of the article can be premium service like Copyscape, if the free ones can use Smallseotools, or manually using Google Search.

But unique is not enough. As it turns out, create unique content from existing articles (Copas) is not difficult.

First, you can try to translate an article of Indonesian> English> French> German> English> back to Indonesian again. By passing 4 above translation process, usually sight and unique articles if checked using tools-tools above.

Second, you can flip through paragraphs and sentences from an article then provides additional conjunctions such as and, as well, by which jobs in places that allow. Then, delete the words are less necessary. In this way the article is also likely to look unique.

But what about the LSI and its human-friendly? For LSI may be some who appear, but for the human-friendly to say almost nothing. Either way 1 or 2 above manner will make the article reads a bit strange, convoluted and difficult to understand the intent purpose.

# 4. Quality Checks Articles (Human-Friendly)
After checking the uniqueness of the article, you should also check the quality of the article in terms of the reader. Is the language of the article is easy to understand, the topic is clear (not Paddle Wheel-spinning), does not impose the use of keywords in the article, the use of punctuation and word placement is correct, and so on.

# 5. Checks Quality Articles (SEO-Friendly)
Then, check the quality of the article in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The average author of the article claims to merit their own article SEO-Friendly. Here we must be careful, because the understanding of SEO can be very different depending on the person.

There are already SEO friendly article considers if there is a major keyword in the beginning of the sentence, in the midst of writing a paragraph and end. Some people regard it SEO friendly article if every keyword in bold (bold), underline (underscore) and italic (italics). Some also considered SEO Friendly article if its keyword density is a percentage of the whole article. And that I think is a bit ridiculous, some people think that SEO-Friendly article if giving linkback (backlinks) to the article itself.

seo writing jadul

If you want to claim the services of SEO Friendly article, it is better if the relevant digging and update information about governance writing style really SEO Friendly. Because of the above methods are old school ways are outdated and can even be bad if use is excessive.

Sometimes there is also armed with a "he", too lazy to find information themselves so he went along with what others do. Though he attended also not necessarily understand what is being done.

Many are also authors of the article that claims support services LSI, when done simply repeating a keyword and its variations (long tail keywords). Maybe they still confuse the difference between the two.

If you are still confused by the difference 2 this term, I explain the following simple description.

LSI: words that still have a relationship with the main keyword / topic.

Hopefully by looking at the example above you already understand the difference.

If you feel that subscription services are not able to serve content with LSI enough but you still want to use his services, possibly because it's cheap, it is still a close friend, etc., then I suggest you do not order a version of its SEO articles. Just say you want articles that natural, do not need SEO-Seoan.

# 6. Working with Team vs. Single Fighter
And lastly, check whether those services using a team or work alone.

I think the author of the article who work alone (single fighter) relatively more recommended than those who work as a team.

The main reason for a single fighter to work alone, so when the order over and over many times the quality and style of language are relatively the same article. While those who work in teams usually hire other people, so that the quality and style of any language among articles with one another can vary.


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